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“Step Away From the Plastic!”

May 25, 2010

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park has introduced this unique program to encourage visitors to “Step Away From the Plastic.”

Change has always been a powerful force of nature. National parks and the stories they represent help us understand and appreciate how much our lives are influenced by change. They illustrate for us how interconnected we are with our environment whenever change occurs.

The challenge of climate change allows parks to serve as very visible models for climate friendly actions. Hawai`i Volcanoes National Park participated in a Climate Friendly Parks Workshop with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and have completed the needed steps to become recognized as a Climate Friendly Parks member. Hawaii Volcanoes is leading the way in the effort to protect your parks natural resources and ensure their preservation for future generations.

Hawaii Volcanoes has recently started a new program that encourages park visitors to “step Away from the plastic” by using reusable stainless steel water bottles. A special refilling station at the Kilauea Visitor Center allows visitors to refill their bottles with clean, sand-filtered rain water. It may seem like a pretty basic program, but if all of the millions of park visitors were to take advantage of this program, just think how big a difference it would make! Change in National Parks is inevitable, but the direction of that change is up to all of us!


This environmentally friendly “water refilling station” is located outside the Kilauea Visitor Center in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

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