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Totality over the Grand Canyon

May 21, 2012

Totality, the limb of the Moon obscuring the entire disk of the Sun and only the corona visible as visible from Grand Canyon National Park yesterday (May 20, 2012). Credit: NASA, Cruikshank

Third contact, when the first bright light becomes visible and the shadow is moving away from the observer. Again Baily’s Beads may be observed. Credit: NASA, Cruikshank

“Another amazing effect as the Moon passed in front of the sun, was the transformation of sunbeams into fat crescents and thin rings of light. Rays of light beaming through holes and gaps have the same shape as the eclipsed sun. Standing under a tree, the sight of a thousand ring-shaped sunbeams swaying back and forth was unforgettable.” Crescent sunbeams dapple the ground beneath a tree during the annular eclipse. Credit: NASA, Soderman

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