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NASA to Broadcast Transit of Venus from Hawaii

June 2, 2012

Hawaii Island will have one of the best views in the world of the Transit of Venus on June 5, 2012. Because of this, people from across the planet will gather at various sites around the island. Because of this, one of our national parks, Pu`ukohola Heiau National Historic Site in Kawaihae, is offering a special program.

But what if YOU are not in Hawaii on that day? No worries! NASA will be broadcasting from Mauna Kea on that day!
The following is NASA’s webcast schedule for the Transit of Venus.

Transit of Venus 2012
NASA EDGE Live Webcast Rundown- based on Hawaiian time
Please be advised: NASA EDGE does not script their webcast, they are spontaneous
and will respond based on the questions and the interest of their audience, they will use
the persons available live to respond to questions rather than try to keep to the tentative
schedule below. We want everyone to enjoy the Transit of Venus.

June 5, 2012
11:45:00 Coverage Begins
11:48:40 Break: Planned Hold on Telescope Footage
11:49:40 Live: Talk about culture, history and significance of  Transit of Venus
11:54:40 Break: Telescope Footage
11:55:40 Live: Explain Transit of Venus & SDO’s role with imagery
12:01:40 Live: The science- The Sun and Venus
12:04:00 Ingress (duration between 1st & 2nd Contact 18:00)
12:30-1:00 Live: Alan Tokunaga – IRTF

Live: Mayor of the Big Island
Video: Jim Green – Venus & Transit
Live: Kelly Fast, Cherilynn Morrow – Venus
Video: Transit of Venus Part 1
Live: Andy Lunt – Solar Telescopes
Video: Transit of Venus Part 2
Live: Troy Cline – MMS, Social Media
Video: Dean Pesnell – SDO
Live: Holly Gilbert – SDO

3rd hour
Video: Eric Christian – Kepler
Live: Jim Thieman-Radio Astronomy
Video: Richard Vondrak – Solar Wind
Live: Lou Mayo
Video: Jim Garvin – Venus

4th hour
Live: Kelly Fast, Cherilynn Morrow – Venus
Video: Gordon Chin – Venus
Live: Students: Cara Mayo, Camila Fishtuaher
Student Activity
Video: Steve Dick – History of Transit of Venus

5th hour
Live: Discussion Koa Rice – Hawaii
Video Polynesian Wayfinders
Live: Hawaii & Transit
Video: Hawaii and the Cosmos
Live: NASA EDGE-questions and update

6th hour
Video: Jim Green
Live: NASA EDGE-questions and update
Video: Transit of Venus Pt 1
Live: NASA EDGE/Sun Earth Day Team-questions and update
Video: Transit of Venus Pt 2
Live: Alex Young, Holly Gilbert
Video: Dean Pesnell
Live: Science discussion with NASA EDGE/Sun-Earth Day and Holly
Gilbert, Kelly Fast, Alex Young, Cherilynn Morrow
06:26:00 Egress (duration between 3rd & 4thContact 18:00)
06:45:00 Live: Chris, Blair, Franklin & Guests
Still field audience questions from audience.
06:55:00 Fade to black: Prerecorded Audio of closing chant
06:56:00 Off Air
On the webcast live:
Blair Allen
Chris Giersch
Franklin Fitzgerald
Sun-Earth Day Team:
Lou Mayo
Troy Cline
Jim Thieman
Kelly Fast
Cherilynn Morrow
Holly Gilbert
Alex Young
Hawaiian Science, Cultural and Historical Experts:
Alan Tokunaga
Gary Fujihara
Koa Ell
Andrew Lundt
Cara Mayo
Camila Fishtauher

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