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National Natural Landmark part V

July 23, 2012

Matafao Peak view from Afono Pass.

V.  Site:  Matafao Peak, Tutuila Island, American Samoa

     Description:  Matafao Peak is the highest peak on Tutuila Island.  It rises above Pago Pago harbor to an elevation of 2,142 feet.  Matafao Peak and Rainmaker Mountain are two of the five great masses of volcanic rocks extruded as a molten magma during major episodes of volcanism which created Tutuila Island.  Rainmaker Mountain dominates the scene viewed from Pago Pago and its shoreline, but from a higher prominence and from incoming and outgoing planes, Matafao Peak is by all odds the most impressive topographic feature of the island.  The 175-acre landmark site, which is the area above the 1200-foot contour, is located one and one-half miles south of the city of Pago Pago.

     Significance:  Since the great volcanic plugs associated with the gigantic volcanic eruptions of magma which created Tutuila Island are so few, the nomination on similar features-Matafao Peak and Rainmaker Mountain-for natural landmark designation is justified.  Located on

opposite sides of Pago Pago harbor, these prominent and scientifically significant features complement each other.

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