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Summer Volunteer Groups at Kalaupapa National Historical Park

August 13, 2012


ImageKalaupapa National Historical Park relies on volunteers and volunteer groups to accomplish many goals and projects. We are very thankful to those who are willing to contribute their time and effort to keeping Kalaupapa beautiful. Two volunteer groups, Catholic Venturing Crew 144, and Kaneohe Congregational Church Volunteer Group, recently traveled to Kalaupapa.

Kaneohe Congregational Church Volunteer Group took part in a number of projects taking place July 23 -27, 2012. They started the week working in the nursery, where the Park Service is growing native Hawaiian plants. The next day the group cleared brush in Kahaloko Cemetery as part of a larger program to restore the peninsula’s cemeteries. On Wednesday, the group assisted in the park initiative to restore native vegetation to the coast by weeding invasive shrub stems. They continued this project the next day in the area around Baldwin Home.  Friday July 27th was their last day here in the park, though the trip was short, the group was able to accomplish a lot. Venturing Crew 144 arrived in Kalaupapa the following week.  Similarly to the Kaneohe Group, the Venturing Crew assisted with cemetery restoration, and native vegetation restoration.  Special attention was paid to the areaImages surrounding the St. Philomena Church, Damien’s Church, in Kalawao. Time spent in Kalaupapa was not all work; both groups were able to participate in Kalaupapa’s weekly volleyball game! 

A big mahalo goes out to these volunteer groups, and all volunteers at Kalaupapa National Historical Park. Without volunteers, park projects like these could not be accomplished! For more information, and volunteer opportunities see our website: or call: 808-567-6802



By: AM Borthwick

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