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Make a Hawaiian Bat Mask for Halloween!

October 25, 2012

Follow these steps to make your very own `Ope`ape`a Hawaiian Bat Mask: 1. Click on the image above. 2. Print on card-stock or construction paper. 3. Cut out bat (including the dotted eye holes). 4. Color your mask. 5. Take a piece of string and tie a not in both ends. 6. Use a stapler to connect the string to the back (as shown in image below). 7. Now your’e ready to go!

Attach string with staples on back as shown.

A little about `Ope`ape`a 

The Hawaiian Hoary Bat is endemic to Hawaii, which means it is found nowhere else in the world. Unlike many of its cousins, who eat fruit, the Hawaiian Hoary Bat eats insects. During the day they rests in the trees and at night they go out and about hunting for delicious insects.

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