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National Park Staff Completes Dive Rebreather Training Course

October 31, 2012

Last week the National Park of American Samoa’s marine staff was certified after completion of a one week dive rebreather training course. Rebreathers absorb the carbon dioxide of a diver’s exhaled breath and then rebreaths or recycles the unused oxygen content of each breath. These units allow oxygen to be recycled, reduces the volume needed by users, is compact and lightweight, and allows divers to work longer at a given depth.

Marine Ecologist Tim Clark said, “We are fortunate to be the first, out of 30 national park’s with dive programs, to complete this training.”
The National Park of American Samoa will utilize this dive mode exclusively for underwater scientific research to track fish, inventory and monitor, and investigate invasive species. Current projects include tracking Humphead wrass to determine spawning and daily migration patterns and to investigate a possible population explosion of Crown of Thorns marine seastars.

The rebreather course was conducted by the Jeff Godfrey University of Connecticut’s dive
safety officer.

National Park Marine Biology Technician Bert Fuiava uses a rebreather just offshore from American Samoa.

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