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Artist Completes National Park Paintings Destroyed By The Tsunami

November 19, 2012

Former American Samoa resident and artist Eileen George has completed three National Natural Landmark paintings that were destroyed by the 2009 tsunami for the National Park of American Samoa. In the mid-1960s, George produced seven paintings that represent each of the National Natural Landmarks in American Samoa. During her 1995 art show at the Haydon Museum, the national park purchased the paintings to illustrate these unique natural features to residents and visitors.

Eileen George feels that portraying these “geologically significant landmarks in an artistic way” might help to educate the public about the need to take care of them.
Superintendent Jim Bacon said, “We are pleased to add these new artistic renderings to replace those lost in the tsunami. They complete our paintings that represent the seven National Natural Landmarks in American Samoa.”

The National Natural Landmarks program is administered by the National Park Service. The program was established to encourage and support the voluntary conservation of public and private sites that illustrate the nation’s geological and biological history, and to strengthen the public’s appreciation of America’s natural heritage. American Samoa’s seven National Natural Landmarks include Cape Taputapu, Le’ala Shoreline, Fogama’a Crater, Matafao Peak, Rainmaker Mountain, Vai’ava Strait, and ‘Aunu’u Island.

Vai’ava Strait, painted by Eileen George, is one of seven paintings that illustrate American Samoa’s National Natural Landmarks.

These paintings will be on display at the national park’s new visitor center in Pago Pago.

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  1. rrdmszz permalink
    February 6, 2014 4:01 am

    EKSTRA,!!! To naprawde rozsadne przemyslenia, …brawo, popieram, sam wlasnie tak sie zachowalem, …

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