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Pick your park and dig in

May 31, 2013

Since the infancy of the NPS Inventory & Monitoring Program (I&M), we have framed natural resources information by grouping similar resources together. In the U.S. tropical Pacific islands, this perspective spans thousands of nautical miles. Times have changed.

A geographical grouping of information about a resource, birds for example, is a logical way to present the data we collect. We devote whole web pages and database search categories to sharing what we know about birds in the CNMI, Hawaii,  and American Samoa.

Choose the national park you care about the most.

Choose the national park you care about the most. Just click the photo.

But it’s more likely that you want to know about birds specifically in a park that you care about. Of course, you can sort through a database to target information on your park’s birds. Although effective, this process can be off-putting for some. Most likely, you didn’t bother to search a database unless you really needed the information.

We have heard you.

The new Pacific islands I&M website now features web pages devoted to each individual park. All I&M natural resources information on the park you care about the most is grouped together in one easy-to-find location, complete with links to the powerful IRMA database.

Now you can go to your park’s I&M page and get direct links to just about everything we know about your park… inventories, monitoring results, briefs, videos, data, and more. All in one place.

Here is where you begin your exploration.

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