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Back-to-Back National Park Exploration

November 26, 2014

It was quite fortunate to have a back-to-back field trip despite the not so nice weather lately. Park Ranger Pua was able to bring level 6 and 7 students from Lauli’i Elementary School yesterday and today to the national park. They were able to engage and connect with the natural resources as to relate with the fa’asamoa.

Park Ranger brought them to the bat roost and talked about fruit bats vital role in pollinating our tropical islands. A stop at Afono Pass to view the majestic mountains of Matafao Peak and Rainmaker Mountain as a Samoan legend was passed down to these students. They were also enjoyed a birdwatching activity and plant identification over at Pola Island trail.

Rain or shine, safety is still a major priority! Check our more photos on our Facebook page. Follow us on Instagram (np_american_samoa)!


Some students from Lauli'i Elementary with Park Ranger Pua.

Some students from Lauli’i Elementary with Park Ranger Pua.

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