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American Samoa

Ofu island of the national park is an ideal place to snorkel or simply enjoy the solitude.


Talofa! The National Park of American Samoa welcomes you to the heart of the south Pacific, a world of sights, sounds, and experiences you will find in no other national park. Located some 2,600 miles southwest of Hawaii, this is one of the most remote national park in he United States.

There are no federally-owned lands; parkland and water are leased from the native villages and from the American Samoa Government. The park preserves the only mixed-species paleotropical rainforest in the United States, habitat of fruit bats, and Indo-Pacific coral reefs.

As a visitor to the National Park of American Samoa, you have the opportunity to see lands and waters that are largely undeveloped. You will not find the usual facilities of most national parks. Instead, with a bit of the explorer’s spirit, you will discover secluded villages, rare plants and animals, coral sand beaches, and vistas of land and sea.

The 13,500 acre park includes sections of three islands – Tutuila, Tau, and Ofu. About 4,000 acres of the park are offshore and underwater. Almost all the land area is rainforest.

Visit: National Park of American Samoa

Be sure to check out Rose Atoll Marine National Monument and the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument operated by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.